Success Stories

Joseph Morello

I had a great experience from my first office visit with Dr. Saadi, throughout the surgery process, and following. His staff was great. Dr. Saadi is a very respected surgeon and I have a lot of confidence in him. The surgery experience was great and I was so pleased that I could walk with no pain the next day. I would not hesitate to have the other hip done.

Gloria Beets

Words cannot express the confidence level in which I have for Dr. Paul Saadi. You are treated with the utmost respect and Dr. Saadi is geared toward doing what is best for you, the patient. I had been referred to Dr. Saadi for either a revision of a total knee replacement or resurfacing of the patella (knee cap). At the conclusion of the consultation I was at ease to know either procedure would be “just fine.” He, his staff and the hospital associates were all great during the surgery and for the post-op. I could not have asked for any better medical attention. I absolutely love and adore Dr. Saadi. He is the BEST! I would HIGHLY recommend him.

Joyce Janelle Bates

Dr. Saadi did both of my knees, Christmas of 2005 and June of 2006. The initial surgeries made it possible for me to continue teaching high school. I was overweight and knew I needed to lose weight to continue to work and be free of any added pain with RA. I had gastric bypass surgery last March. I am now 116 pounds lighter and feeling great. Plans are to continue teaching another nine to fourteen years. My knees are great. When I saw Dr. Saadi in January for my yearly checkup, he said my knees were great, and he wouldn’t have recognized me since the weight loss. I go back in two years now. When a friend from church needed knee replacement, I told her about Dr. Saadi. She’s now up walking around and doing well. When my mom broke her hip, Dr. Saadi did the surgery. When a co-worker needed a bone specialist, I sent her to Dr. Saadi. When I broke my shoulder, I went to Dr. Saadi. I won’t go anywhere else for a bone specialist. I feel confident if anyone in my family needs an orthopedic specialist it will have to be Dr. Saadi.

Danny McGuire

After 35 years of knee pain resulting from sports, Dr. Saadi gave me the pros and cons of replacing both knees or one at a time. He accecpted my choice and moved quickly to schedule the surgery. I was standing up the day of surgery, walking the next day andreleased the following day after replacing both knees. I am now on day 15 and moving from home physical therapy to outpatient therapy and walking with only a cane. I was able to drive myself to Dr. Saadi’s office for my first follow up after surgery on day 14. I am very pleased with my progress and the entire Saadi staff.

Alfredo F. Rusk

In July 2007, I suffered from pain in my right hip and I was referred to Dr. Paul Saadi. I was pleased with Dr. Saadi and the staff at Dallas Bone and Joint Clinic, as they were very professional and promptly performed all of the necessary arrangements of the surgery. After my evaluation with Dr. Saadi on August 2, 2007, he and other medical staff personnel performed a total hip replacement surgery on my right hip. After the surgery, the same day, I felt GREAT! I have been active with high energy ever since the surgery—and without pain. On July 28, 2008, I went in for my annual checkup. Dr. Paul Saadi commented that my healing process is going well. My surgery was a success. Today, I am still active with high energy, pain free and loving it. Thank you, Dr. Paul Saadi and the staff of Dallas Bone and Joint Clinic for all the medical attention you so dearly provided to me.